One of the UK’s leading insurance providers offering unrivalled cover, quality advice and best service.


The staff at Circle Golf have been providing Golf Club Insurance Facilities for over 30 years across the UK. Our Specialist Team deliver quality advice and a range of cover options for hundreds of Clubs – whether you are a small 9-hole course or a multiple course owning global facility, we can provide the right cover for you.


Circle Golf is a specialist division within Circle Insurance Services Limited, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute. Our staff are highly qualified and experienced in the Golf sector with Treating Customers Fairly at the heart of its ethos.


Our service history with many of the oldest and most prestigious high profile Golf Clubs proves our track record in meeting the needs of Golf Clubs across the UK. Circle Golf is proud to be the recommended insurance provider of the Golf Management Group, Europe’s largest golf buying group.


Underwritten by leading specialists who are authorised by the Prudential Regulatory Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


The cover itself has some very innovative ways of tackling common problems – it’s Accidental Damage wording means a quibble free claims solution.

The fact that all playable surfaces of the Golf Course are insured means you can rest assured that your clubs largest asset is properly protected. Especially when you consider that both Greenkeeper Error and Compulsory Course Alteration Cover are provided as standard.

We understand – in this day and age – that clubs regularly plant share, that is why  we are able to offer automatic covers for Plant and Machinery on loan, hire or on transit between two clubs.

Cups, Trophies and Antiques also garner that special touch, with Circle Golf able to provide multiple options regards the way these rare and irreplaceable items are protected and when you tie this in with our valuation services, you again garner an unrivalled and seamless service.


We offer as a standard a minimum indemnity period of 24 months. Furthermore, we were the Insurer to dramatically alter the manner in which Golf Club BI was calculated, providing as we do, free Cover for Loss of Members Subscription Income.

Add on Denial of Access, Loss and Payment of Rent Cover, Suppliers and Customers Extensions, Increased Cost of Working, Failure of Public Utilities and many more extensions, you will see that you glean a fully comprehensive Financial Support Package.


We understand that a conventional EL policy will fall far short of a Clubs requirements. Golf Clubs employ many sub contractors – both bone fide and labour only, operate franchises and utilise voluntary workers more than most. Include your committee members and suddenly you have a great many people who might otherwise sit uninsured on a conventional contract. Not under Par Excellence where all such exposures are covered automatically.

The same is true for both Public and Products Liability, those activities of said sub contractors and franchises could have serious ramifications for the club, thus our Public Liability wording is as wide as our Employers Liability in this regard.

Then we come on to one of today’s great hot topics – Personal Liability – where does the club’s responsibility and thus liability begin and end in respect of the activities of Golfers at the club, does the club need to insure the Personal Liability of its Golfers, can such be achieved without onerous conditions and hefty bills, what action must a club take to mitigate insurers concerns in this regard. You can rest assured that we have been guiding clients through this minefield for many many years and have been at the forefront of providing solutions for the Golf community at large.


We are able to provide Road Traffic Act cover for all self propelled vehicles and as the Club premises is defined as being within 5 miles from every perimeter, the majority of clubs will enjoy Material Damage Cover for all said vehicles whilst out on the road, without the need for any endorsements.

We can offer more bespoke cover for vehicles requiring specific cover as part of your overall insurance package.


Automatically provided and able to accommodate very extensive demands in respect of Occupational Protection

The contract also includes sectional cover for Terrorism, Money, Hired in Plant, Contractors all Risks, Engineering, Legal Expenses and Loss of Licence


In partnership with Worldwide Hole in One, each client of Circle Golf enjoys the option to have cover in respect of of Hole in One Prize Indemnity. Each year the Policy will allow you – at no cost – to insure the prizes of up to £5,000 at an annual event. Thus raising the profile and increasing revenue streams at the same time.


Circle Golf is able to offer additional services such as dedicated loss adjusting services, Buildings Valuations provided by recognised surveyors qualified by the RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) and specialist valuations for Antiques, Fine Art and Silverware.

Our partnership arrangements allow us to provide you with legal advice and support under our Legal Expenses Cover from leading UK legal firms.   The list goes on as to what support we can offer, IT Consultants, Fire Assessors.  Whatever you need, our role is to get you access to the best professionals to support your needs.


Circle Golf have pioneered the majority of the covers that clubs now take for granted but we never sit still and continue to drive innovative concepts on behalf of our customers

Obviously conducting such an extensive job can take time, however with the level of expertise within our organisation and a little assistance from your end, there is no reason that we could not provide a fully comprehensive study and costing within 24 hours of obtaining the relevant information.

Ideally we would like to meet with you and ensure that all information obtained is in a format that we recognise and utilise, however if time is particularly tight then we could conduct a relatively thorough job if we had a copy of your most recent schedule of insurance, a claims record and a copy of your report and accounts.

We can effect cover instantly – we have full authority on such matters and as long as we have all the necessary information, cover can be provided immediately upon receiving your instruction.

If necessary and sought, you can expect quarterly reviews. We will be delighted to meet with you as often as we both deem necessary and certainly it would be our intention to do so at least annually.

Yes – our own Claims Manager and Staff will be on hand to assist whenever necessary and furthermore, you will enjoy dedicated specialist advice your dedicated loss adjusters


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